• Product ID: W175, W175-1, W175-2; Short Description: Round Red Amber Bracelets for Adults; Amber Beads: ~8 mm, ~10 mm; Style: Round; Length: ~18 cm (7 inches); Weight: ~6-7 grams, ~9-10 grams; Other Information: These bracelets are made on Elastic Band; Color: 2 Different Designs are Available; MOQ: 1 bracelet;W175-1 Polished Round Red;   W175-2...

  • Baltic Amber and Quartz Mix Teething Bracelets for Baby;

  • Baltic Amber and Quartz Mix Teething Necklaces for Baby;

  • Short Description: Tablet Amber Bracelet on Elastic Band; Size of Amber Tablets: ~9 x 2-5 mm; Bracelet Length: ~18 cm (7 inches); Product ID: W179; Amber: Tablets; Colors:  W179-1 Raw Multicolor; W179-2 Raw Cherry; W179-3 Multicolor;

  • Product ID: B5; Short Description: Raw Baltic Amber Baby Necklaces, Baroque Style; Amber Beads: ~4-6 mm; Amber: Raw (Unpolished); Necklace Weight: ~5 g; Style: Baroque; Length: ~32 cm (12.6 inches); Color: 8 Different Color Combinations; Clasp: Pop or Screw Clasps can be chosen; Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Necklaces;   B5-1BU Cognac / Lemon; B5-2BU...

  • Unpolished (Raw) Amber Anklets for Adults with Sterling Silver 925 clasp;

  • Product ID: E110; Short Description: Baltic Amber Heart Drop Earrings with Sterling Silver 925; Color: 4 Different Colors are Available - Honey, Cognac, Lemon and Milky; Amber: Polished; Earrings Style: Drop; Sterling Silver: 925; Weight: ~1,3 grams; Earrings Length: ~1,8 cm; Amber Heart Measurements: ~1 X 1 cm;   E110-1 Honey; E110-2 Cognac; E110-3...

  • Product ID: 104 Pet Necklace; Short Description: Raw Amber Pet Necklace with Adjustable Chain; Color: Honey, Cognac and Cherry Beads; Clasp: Adjustable Metal Chain; Amber Beads: Raw (Unpolished); Available lengths: You can choose length from 20 cm to 65 cm (the main part of the collar). Adjustable Chain also allows to increase length of this necklace.

  • Product ID: W151; Short Description: Cognac Amber Bracelet with Turquoise Stones, Made on Elastic Band; Amber: Polished Half-Baroque; Color: Cognac; Length: ~18 cm (7 inches); Weight: ~10 grams;

  • Product ID: S2; Short Description: Green Baltic Amber Teething Bracelets for Baby, Baroque Style, Green Color; Style: Baroque; Amber: Polished; Amber Beads: ~4-6 mm; Bracelet Weight: ~2.5-3 g; Length: ~14 cm (5.5 inches). Custom length bracelets can be made too; Clasp: Screw Plastic Clasp. Based on requirements this Amber Bracelet can be made on Elastic...

  • Product ID: P180; Short Description: Twisted Amber Pendant with Sterling Silver; Weight: ~1 g; Length: ~3 cm (1 inches); Amber: Polished; Silver: Sterling Silver 925; Color: 3 different colors are available;   P180-1 Cognac; P180-2 Honey; P180-3 Green.

  • Product ID: A1; Short Description: Baroque Amber Necklaces for Adults; Style: Baroque; Standard Length: ~45 cm (18 inches). Based on requirements we can also make custom length Adult Amber Necklaces; Amber: Polished; Clasp: Plastic Screw Clasp; Color: You can choose from 7 Different Color Combinations; Amber Beads: ~7-8 mm; Cord: 100% Poliester String;...

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Thenaturalamber.com is one of the biggest manufacturers of Amber jewelry and providers of its supplies in Lithuania. Our assortment consists of wide range of products that are made only from natural and genuine Baltic Amber. In our website you can find a vast range of bracelets, necklaces, souvenirs, anklets, pendants, rings, earrings and other jewelry for adults, babies and pets. They come in various styles and colors so you can definitely find something you like.

It's worthwhile to buy Amber supplies and Jewelry made from it from us because we have wide selection of products and in high quantities. In case you are interested in buying bigger quantities of Amber we can offer great wholesale prices for you. Also if you have your own design in mind or you need custom length jewelry we can make it for you. Since we want to maintain lasting relationships with our clients we offer return policy on our items. In case you are unhappy about quality of our products you can request refund or to exchange them with other items.

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