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Pandora and Troll style beads

In this catalog you can find Pandora & Troll Amber beads and necklaces as well as bracelets made of them. When making Pandora beads we only use Sterling Silver 925 and natural Baltic Amber. Based on your preferences you can either choose already made necklace & bracelet or design your own Pandora style accessory from separate Amber beads. Since we offer Pandora beads in all popular Amber colors (green, cognac, lemon, Cherry and others) your created accessory will look very modern and classy.

- If you are looking for Amber Pandora Beads for your retail store do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail - and we will send our catalog with prices shortly.

- In order to buy Pandora Beads from us at wholesale prices we have low minimum order requirements, which is 5 pcs.

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