New products for babies and children:

Cherry Chip Amber and Turqoise Chip Bead Teething Necklace B45-CT1

Cherry Chip Amber and Turqoise Chip Bead Teething Necklace B45-CT1

B11-8C Cherry / Cognac / Honey

B11-8C Cherry / Cognac / Honey

B23-T5 4 Cognac / Turquoise (Blue);

B23-T6 Cognac Sides / 1 Cognac / Turquoise (Blue) center;

B23-T7 1 Cognac / 1 Turquoise (Blue) ;

B23-T8 4 Lemon / 1 Turqoise (Green)

B22-L8 Cognac / Lapis Lazuli / Tiger Eye;

S18-T6 Cognac / Lapis Lazuli / Tiger Eye:

S12-A8 Olive Cognac / 3 Amethyst:

Olive Baltic Amber Howlite and Cherry Agate Teething Bracelet S25-HW1

Lemon Color Baltic Amber Teething Necklace With Lapis Lazuli Beads S26-L1

Baltic Amber and Colorful Agate Teething Bracelets S24

Adult products:

L13-8A 3 Cognac / 1 Amethyst Bracelet on Elastic Band

L14-7L Lemon Amber and Lapis Lazuli Adult Bracelet;

L15-8L Lemon / Dark Green / Lava Adult Bracelet

Lemon Amber Turquoise and Rose Agate Adult Bracelet L21-18G

Round Amber Bracelets with Cross on Elastic Band L25

Amber Tablet bracelets W190 (3 Variations)

Polished and Raw cherry amber Bracelet with Pendant and Silver Chain W191

Cherry Amber bracelet for Adults with Heart pendants W192

Cherry Amber bracelet with Milky Amber Ball Pendant W193

Dark Cognac Amber Adult Bracelet with Heart and Star Pendants W194

Baltic Amber Necklace with Amethyst Quartz and Turquoise A30-1G

Raw Baltic Amber and Big Lava beads necklace for Adults A31-1LA

Exclusive Adult Amber Necklace With 3 Pendants N256


Genuine Baltic Amber Pendants for Bracelets and Necklaces P220 (12 shape combinations)

Tree of Life Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant With Silver 925, P221

Please don`t hesitate to contact our managers if you are interested in new products.