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New Products Fall 2018

Cherry Amber , Picture Jasper and Lava Stone Necklace for Adults A34

Amber and jasper adult necklace

Adult Semistone and Amber Chip Bracelets L22

Adult Amber and Gemstone Bracelet

Adult Semistone and Amber Bracelets on Flexible Band L26

Baltic Amber and Gemstone Bracelet On Flexible Band

Amber and Gemstone Chip Necklaces A33

amber gemstone chip necklace

Cherry Amber and Amethyst Chip Child Necklace B19-A10

amber amethyst child necklace

Lemon Amber and Amethyst Child Bracelet  S12-A9

amber amethyst baby bracelet

Cherry Amber, Tourmaline and Morganite Adult Necklace A32-1TR

Raw Amber and Aquamarine Child Necklace B21-A6U

Amber and Turquoise Child Necklace B23-T6

Amber and Morganite(Beryl) Child Necklaces B46

Amber And Lava Child Necklace B47-L1

Amber and Morganite(Beryl) Anklets with Silver Clasp J111 and J112

Girls Bracelets on Elastic Band S27

amber girl bracelet

Raw Milky Amber adult Bracelet with Pendant W195

Amber and Morganite(Beryl) Bracelet with Pendant W196