Request our catalogs.

If want to get prices of Amber products listed in our website simply e-mail us to We will send our pricelist in less than 24 hours.

Ordering Procedures.

If you want to order products from The Natural Amber catalog/website please send us an email to sandra@thenaturalamber.comwith the following details:

1) Name;

2) Delivery Address and Telephone Number;

3) ID's of Products that you want to buy from Us and their Quantities. If you have specific requirements for jewelry length, color or clasps you should also include this information;

4) Preferred Delivery Option (DHL Express or Regular Registered Post);

5) Preferred Payment Option (Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer). When choosing your preferred payment option please keep in mind that we add 4.5%~5% fee for clients who chooses to pay via Paypal.

When we will have information listed above we will be able to calculate final price for your order and send you an invoice.


Minimum Order Requirements.
For Baby jewelry the minimum wholesale order quantity is 10 pieces for each color and style. Most Adult jewelry can be purchased in minimum quantities of 5 pieces. In case you are interested in buying loose Amber beads from us you should know that minimum order quantity is at least 100 g for different color and style beads. There is no minimum order requirements for Amber rings, exclusive bracelets and necklaces, souvenir gifts, earrings, sets and pendants.

Return Policy.

We have a full refund policy, if unsuitable items are returned to us within 14 days of our dispatch date. Based on your requirements we can either exchange them with other items or send you a refund.


If you need further information do not hesitate to email us to